Quality Control & Management

Quality Assurance

The purpose of the Quality Assurance Process is to provide independent and objective assurance that work products and processes comply with predefined provisions and plans and that non-conformances are resolved and further prevented.

Problem Resolution Management

The purpose of the Problem Resolution Management Process is to ensure that problems are identified, analyzed, managed and controlled to resolution.

Risk Management

The purpose of the Risk Management Process is to identify, analyze, treat and monitor the risks continuously.

Configuration Management

The purpose of the Configuration Management Process is to establish and maintain the integrity of all work products of a process or project and make them available to affected parties.


Knowledge Competencies

Experience Mass production

Engine Control Unit Protection, 2016-2017

Transmission Control Unit Protection, 2018-2020

Case Study Vulnerability

Android malware detection

Embedded firmware operation analysis and venerability

Acquisition of position information in Blackbox

Remote network attack through navigation

Interception of wireless network through wireless LAN card and WPA2 decryption

CAN network attack injection tool development

In – Vehicle Software System Knowledge

Fulfillment worldwide regulatory requirement by design

Fail – safe design strategy, ISO26262

Diagnostic communication, ISO14229

CAN communication, ISO11898


ECU mass production Test software

Software and System Integration Capability

Diagnostic Service Calibration tool

Software interface customization

Configuration management tool

Certification verification tool

Customer Software release tool


FESCARO Security testing Process

Why FESCARO is a strong security partner for automotive

FESCARO Solutions has already applied in mass production.

In addition to stable and robust performance, customers also benefit from FESCARO’s special strengths and competencies.

These competencies make FESCARO the preferred partner for automotive security.