Your Automotive Security Partner

FESCARO is automotive security company composed of automotive electronic control system developers and white hackers.

FESCARO provides an End-to-End security solution of the vehicle ECU level, in-vehicle network level, and the V2X network level.

All of our products are developed based on the A-SPICE development process, and tested and released based on SAE J3061, ISO/SAE 21434.

FESCARO proves the safety and reliability of our products through continuous Collaboration with global customers.

High Quality

✓ FIPS 140-2
✓ SAE J3061
✓ ISO/SAE 21434

Customer Satisfaction

✓ Quality Assurance
✓ Easy Customizing
✓ Easy Install
✓ Incident Response

01. Value

Ensure a safe driving environment for autonomous vehicles

02. Technology

Provides world class automotive security technology

03. Communication

Continuous communication for better satisfaction