Hong Seok Min

Co-Founder & CEO

Hong seok min established FESCARO in 2016. Under his guidance, FESCARO was selected as K-Global 300 company. He had also successfully attracted the investment of Spark Lab Korea, Sunbo Angel Partners, Hyundai Venture Investment on the basis of excellent entrepreneurship. Based on his experience in developing early models of Vehicle security in Hyundai Motor Group, he developed an innovative approach to automotive security. He is carrying out global OEM and mass production projects from 2016 through innovative strategies. He is a lecturer in the automotive security field and lectured at Hyundai Motor, Hyundai Mobis, LG Electronics, and International Hacking Defense Competition.

Lee Hyun Jung

Co-Founder & CTO

Lee hyun jung established FESCARO in 2016. She is director of automotive security technology and product development. She is responsible for the overall design and development of FAST HSM, FAST TPM, FAST CAN IDS, FAST VTI, and FAST RTOS. Based on the outstanding analysis of her, she have developed a specialized solution that meets global OEM requirements to ensure the reliability of our customers. She has a comprehensive development capability all area from vehicle embedded security solution to threat intelligence security solution. And she has established FESCARO’s quality-based development process and she is striving to establish core technology strategies and create an innovative organizational culture. She has been selected as an autonomous cyber security expert at KISTEP and is a mentor for IITP’s young talent automobile cyber security.

Kim Dae Hyun

CMO & VP of Business development

Kim dae hyun is Director of Global Business Strategy and Marketing. He is responsible for strategic partnerships, sale and Vehicle Security Training Center. He is setting up a strategy that meets the needs of Customers. He has various activities such as the Security committee member of the Autonomous Vehicle Standardization Forum in Korea, the U-Forum ICT committee member in Ulsan City, and the Autonomous Cooperative Driving Security committee member.