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Who we are

FESCARO provides automotive security solutions that protect the automotive Electronic Controller Unit (ECU) and in-vehicle network from cyber hacking threats.

FESCARO ensures product quality with reliable management and development strategies conformed to the international standards for automotive cybersecurity, SAE J3061, ISO/SAE 21434.

FESCARO was selected as one of Korea's promising ICT venture companies in 2017. FESCARO has succeeded in attracting continuous investment based on its outstanding technology and growth potential.


We Build Safe & Secure Autonomous Driving

Our Products

ECU Protection Solution

FESCARO’s ECU protection solution enables easy, safe, and fast implementation of ECU protection techniques for mass production.


Security Audit Solution

FESCARO’s security audit solution is based on penetration tests that enable systematic and comprehensive security audit.


FMPS Solution

FESCARO’s FMPS solution helps to achieve consistent high quality of automotive security while reducing resource intake.