Vehicle ECU Protection Solution with HSM

Now, It is mandatory the use of HSM in the ECU. Global OEMs are applying security solutions using HSM.
FAST HSM provides the robust and optimized automotive security solutions in the ECU level using Hardware Security Module. FAST HSM has been applied in mass production from 2016.
FAST HSM prevents external unauthorized firmware manipulation and hacker’s attack.
It protects the risk of vehicle drivers, valuable key data and privacy information.

Provide safety

FAST HSM ensures the integrity of the ECU firmware under various driving conditions, providing a safe running environment for ECU firmware and a safe driving environment for drivers.

Standard compliance

FAST HSM complies with SHE, EVITA standard specifications.

Ensure performance

FAST HSM has passed performance tests such as road driving test and harsh environment test.

Various use-cases

FAST HSM enables the development of various applications required by global OEMs such as Secure Boot, Secure Flash, and Secure Authentication and so on

Mass production reference

FAST HSM has mass-produced for transmission ECUs and engine ECUs of global OEMs