Vehicle Network Protection Solution

As vehicle become connected and smart, ECUs that com into connect to external networks, like PCs, are emerging.
As a result, global OEMs are beginning to mandate the installation of vehicle network protection devices or solutions

FAST IDS is a SW solution that detect various cyber threats entering the in-vehicle network in real time.
FAST IDS develops a detection model by monitoring the security status of the in-vehicle network in real time and learning normal driving
patterns. It detects abnormal behavior caused by cyber hacking attacks.

Detect various cyber attack

FAST IDS detects a variety of cybersecurity attacks, such as denial of service(DOS), spoofing, replay attack, and fuzzing.

Resource minimization

FAST IDS works resource-restricted embedded vehicle environments well.

Side effect minimization

FAST IDS does not have any side effect on vehicle network load.

Ensure performance

FAST IDS has completed testing that functionality and performance under various driving conditions with TTA, a independent testing institute.

2019 MWC Demonstration

FAST IDS has successfully demonstrated at 2019 MWC in conjunction with FAST VTI.