Vehicle Threat Intelligence Solution

SAE J3061, a vehicle cybersecurity standard, focuses on incident response and F-OTA(Firmware-Over The Are).
Now, applying the threat intelligence solution even in the automotive environment is a recommendation.

FAST VTI runs on AWS-based cloud server. By accessing FAST VTI through a cloud server, customer can view real-time network logs and security status of vehicles with FAST IDS installed on the vehicle ECU. FAST VTI also provides F-OTA functionality, allowing customer to update vehicle ECU firmware remotely via FAST VTI. This can help customer reduce their campaign costs.

Various functionality

FAST VTI provides security audits, security assessments and security updates(F-OTA).

Easy customizing

FAST VTI can define security assessment criteria based on customer requirements.

Standard requirement support

FAST VTI supports security threat analysis, security assessment, incident response and security update(F-OTA), as mentioned in SAE J3061, ISO/SAE 21434.

2019 MWC Demonstration

FAST VTI has successfully demonstrated at 2019 MWC in conjunction with FAST IDS

Various use-cases

FAST VTI can be applied to simulators for research purposes in research institutions such as universities and graduate schools. Fescaro has delivered a simulator to a national research institute