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FESCARO is a world-class automotive security company.

Cyber Security Engineering

To meet the latest cybersecurity requirements of global OEMs, it requires engineering to optimize automotive security techniques for each ECU characteristics. Security should not be considered only once in the last phase, but from the beginning of development.

FESCARO provides leading cybersecurity engineering services throughout the entire product development process, from analysis of requirements for developing software security features to architecture, detailed design, implementation, integration, and validation.

Specification Process Name Processes
Management Project Management Start project -> Plan project -> Execute project -> End project
Requirements Analysis Analyze customer requirements -> Derive SW requirements -> Configure SW -> Plan SW development
Architecture Design Identify operation environment -> Design SW architecture -> Define SW interface -> Define SW architecture spec
SW Detailed Design & Unit Construction Define SW project structure -> Detailed SW Design -> Define detailed SW spec -> SW Unit Development
Unit Testing Identify Test rage -> Write test case -> Test & Correction -> Write Regression Test Case -> Regression Test
Integration & Integration Test Integration -> Identify Test range -> Write test case -> Test & Correction -> Write Regression Test Case -> Regression Test
Qualification Test Identify Test range -> Write test case -> Test & Correction -> Write Regression Test Case -> Regression Test
Support Configuration Management Plan Configuration Management -> Control Configuration -> Account & Report Status -> Audit Configuration -> Control Release
Change Request Management Plan Change Management -> Request Change -> Authorize Change -> Execute Change -> Review Change
Problem Resolution Management Plan Problem Resolution Management -> Analyze Problem -> Solve Problem -> Review Solution -> Monitor Problem
Quality Assurance Plan Quality Assurance -> Assure Technical Quality -> Assure Non-Technical Quality


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Security Engineering

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