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Security Test

FESCARO security tests are effective in verifying that products meet automotive cybersecurity requirements, and are also effective in discovering potential security vulnerabilities to derive new cybersecurity requirements.

Also, ISO 21434, the international standard for Automotive cybersecurity recommends security testing to be conducted by security experts independent of the development organization, making FESCARO security testing the best choice to comply with international standards and secure customer product.

FESCARO 1-day Test

0-day attack is a deadly and critical attack on new, unknown security vulnerabilities. No defense system exists until a security patch is found for that particular vulnerability. 1-Day attack occurs when the user does not perform the security patch that has been announced for a vulnerability that has been identified by the 0-day attack. 1-day attack is just as deadly and critical as a 0-day attack because the same level of security threats exist.

FESCARO 1-Day test identifies the open-source modules of the product, checks for the application of the latest security patches for those modules, and checks the latest security patches for open-source modules customized to the product characteristics.

FESCARO Fuzzing Test

Fuzzing test is a way to check for software security vulnerability. It's a way to randomly inject input into the software and monitor for errors or conflicts that occur in the process to identify security vulnerabilities. More specifically, the basic configuration is composed of the mutation phase that randomly modulate input values, and the instrumentation phase that injects input values and monitors the target system for abnormal operation. And the learning phase that improves the results of abnormal behavior of input value modulation by learning can be added.

FESCARO Fuzzing test applies FESCARO's unique learning algorithm to check for security vulnerabilities in the implementation of vehicle communication based diagnostic services. It can check not only standardized UDS standards but also customized diagnostic service standards used internally by customers.

FESCARO Penetration Test

Penetration test is a security test that is legally approved to attempt various hacking attacks by infiltrating the target product and system to see if any security vulnerabilities can be exploited.


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Security Test

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