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FESCARO is a world-class automotive security company.

Security Training

FESCARO offers specialized, high-level automotive security training with theories and practices accumulated through a long-standing expertise in automotive security and mass production applications.

FESCARO Automotive Security training course covers the overall security needs of the vehicle, including the understanding of the automotive electronic control system, vehicle communication protocols, diagnostic services, a variety of hacking attack techniques, methods of mitigating security threats, and cryptographic techniques underlying the security system.


Understanding of Automotive cybersecurity through Hacking Attack Practices <CAN Communication>

Through car hacking practice, you will learn hacker's attack patterns, analyze vulnerability, establish security measures to improve the security reliability of software, and foster the ability to apply them to the product development process.



Understanding and Utilization of ECU protection based on HSM

Learn ECU security techniques with the latest trend of global OEM’s security requirements, and foster the ability to easily act on security requirements using our HSM based ECU security solution, FASTTM HSM.



Understanding and Utilization of AP(Application Processor) protection based on Linux

Learn about the concept of Linux environment system hijacking, Linux basic security policies setting, and how to use SMACK to build a Linux-based deep defense security system.



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Security Training

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