ECU Protection Solution

HSM based Electronic Controller Unit level Security Solution

FESCARO’s “ECU Protection Solution”

What is the easiest, quickest, and safest way to apply ECU protection technology for mass production?

FESCARO provides a security solution optimized for customer ECU characteristics through its mass production-proven FAST™ HSM and FAST™ CLIB products and its cybersecurity engineering services.

FESCARO provides easy, safe and fast application of ECU protection technology for mass production by providing simulated global OEM's certificate management system infrastructure, firmware signing development environment, and security function management tools for production line.

Why do you need “ECU Protection Solution”?

Sophistication of
Security requirements

Applying HSM chip alone is not enough to meet the latest security requirements of global OEM.

Need to Customize
Security Features

Application of security features should not affect existing ECU behavior or performance.


In the process of applying ECU security technologies to mass-production, it is difficult to manage related departments due to difference in interests such as development organizations, production departments, security system infrastructure, and testing tools.

Who is FESCARO’s “ECU Protection” for?

ECU manufacturer

Camera Module manufacturer
for Autonomous driving

Radar Manufacturer
for Autonomous driving

Lidar Manufacturer
for Autonomous driving

What would be the benefits of applying FESCARO’s “ECU Protection Solution” ?

Meet the latest global OEM security requirements

  • Configure HSM-based reliable security system
  • Fully meet security requirements (Secure Access, Secure Flash, Secure Boot, etc.)
  • Provide enhanced certificate-based authentication
  • Provide objective reliability by obtaining FIPS 140-2 certificate for cryptographic library

Enable ECU protection solutions customized for each ECU characteristics

  • Meet time constraints of boot, reprogramming, and message communication
  • Apply ISO 21434-based automotive cybersecurity engineering process
  • Provide objective quality through obtaining A-SPICE (Automotive SW development process)

Enable comprehensive support for fast and easy mass production

  • Support development environments that comply with global OEM certificate management system infrastructure specifications
  • Support for development environments that comply with global OEM firmware signing specifications
  • Support security feature management tools used in the production line.

HSM based ECU protection



FIPS140-2 cryptographic



Engineering Service




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ECU Protection Solution

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