FESCARO’s Customized Security Solution

FESCARO’s “FMPS Solution”

FMPS: Fescaro Makes your Product more Secure

Security, must be needed but complicated and difficult. What is the solution?

One-off response for specific phase(design, implementation, etc.) in product life cycle is not enough to fulfill automotive security requirements for global OEMs.

Although there was no major problem with the product's security level pertained to all security requirements at the time of development, disclosure of new security vulnerability after product release could pose a major threat to the product's security level.

FESCARO FMPS offers a customer-tailored, comprehensive security solution throughout product lifecycle, from security threat analysis, risk assessment, security feature application and security testing to meet security requirements and field response after mass-production.

FESCARO FMPS helps reduce the time and cost of fulfilling global OEMs' automotive security requirements and ensures high levels of security reliability.

Why do you need “FMPS Solution”?

Global OEMs require Comprehensive Security

Due to international standards and regulations on automotive cybersecurity engineering , global OEMs require its suppliers to consider security throughout the product lifecycle, including threat analysis and risk assessment, security testing, and post-launch monitoring.

Abundant external companies, increase the burden of management

Due to global OEM’s comprehensive security needs, collaboration with external companies have increased. Company A for threat analysis and risk assessment, company B for security testing, company C for security product engineering, and company D for security monitoring. As the number of external companies increases, so does the management burden.

Limitations of one-off response to security issues

There is no such thing as a 100 percent security guarantee. Hackers continue to discover new security vulnerabilities and security companies develop security patches to defend them. Therefore, security issues need to be monitored continuously rather than being one-off.

Who is FESCARO’s “FMPS Solution” for?

ECU manufacturer

Automotive Connectivity
integration controller manufacturer

Automotive Autonomous driving
related controller manufacturer

Service provider

What would be the benefits of applying FESCARO’s “FMPS Solution” ?

Gain competitive advantage in winning global OEM projects through strong security reliability

Global OEM's recent comprehensive security needs for automobiles have made "car cybersecurity" an important factor in winning project. It's in its infancy and most suppliers are proposing security measures that will be applied from order intake to mass production. With FESCARO's customer-tailored, comprehensive security solution, you can gain a competitive edge in winning projects by emphasizing the complete implementation of comprehensive security, as well as the ability to manage security threats continuously through post-production security monitoring.

Maximize efficiency by allocating company resources to company’s core areas other than cybersecurity

FESCARO offers a customer-tailored, comprehensive security solution across the product lifecycle, from threat analysis, risk assessment, security engineering, security testing, to field response after the mass release. With FESCARO's customized comprehensive security solution, you can reduce costs and time by unifying management of external companies.

Minimize additional spread of damage through fast incident response and Minimize quality costs by preventing incidents in advance

In the event of a security incident, the quality costs vary significantly depending on how you perform the initial response and follow-up. FESCARO customized comprehensive security solution enables rapid incident response and proactive incident prevention to minimize further damage to the enterprise due to security issues. Even after mass-production, FESCARO continues to follow-up on new security vulnerabilities and the latest hacking attack techniques, continuously enhancing the product reliability.

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FMPS Solution

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