FESCARO Penetration Test based
Security Audit Solution

Best Solution for Security Audit

FESCARO’s “Security Audit Solution”

How can we identify new potential security threats and validate security requirements ?

FESCARO provides structured TARA services based on its unique security threat modeling methodology, which has been accumulated by a number of simulated hacking experiences and know-how in the automotive security field.

FESCARO provides automotive security testing services to validate security objectives and security requirements derived from TARA and discover new potential security threats.

In addition, professional automotive security training services are provided to enable customer to develop their own security measures.

With FESCARO, customers are able to utilize end-to-end security services from threat identification to security measure establishment.

Why do you need “Penetration test based Security Audit Solution”?

Global OEMs require
Security Audit

Global OEMs require its suppliers to submit Audit reports conducted by external security specialists independent from the product development organization.

Minimize potential risk
of hacking attack

Product threat analysis and risk assessment should be conducted like a real malicious hacker prior to product release with all the functions and services developed.

Inspect security incident
response process

After the product launch, security incidents can occur such as defect detection and disclosure of new security vulnerabilities. Inspection of the incident response process is required to minimize subsequent spread of damage.

Who is FESCARO’s “Security Audit Solution” for?

AVN manufacturer

Automotive Connectivity integration
controller manufacturer

Automotive Autonomous driving
integration controller manufacturer

Automotive V2X
device manufacturer

Service provider

What would be the benefits of applying FESCARO’s “Security Audit Solution” ?

Meet global OEM automotive cybersecurity
verification requirements

  • Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment founded on Security Threat Modeling
  • Check the application of secure debugging interface functionality to mass-production products
  • Check for disclosed security patches for open source software
  • Check the application of access control by eliminating unnecessary features and subdividing authorities
  • Perform fuzzing tests on communication protocols

Well-structured security audit

  • Has years of experience conducting penetration tests on a variety of automotive controllers
  • Provides well-structured security audit based on FESCARO's systematic penetration methodology

Comprehensive security service

  • Improve product security reliability by systematic security audits
  • Derive new security requirements to mitigate discovered security vulnerabilities
  • Check incident response process, when security issues occur


Automotive Security Test



Threat Analysis & Risk Assessment



Automotive Security Training



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Security Audit Solution

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