FAST HSM is Vehicle ECU Protection Solution

Now, It is mandatory the use of HSM in the ECU. Global OEMs are applying security solutions using HSM.
FAST HSM provides the robust and optimized automotive security solutions in the ECU level using Hardware Security Module. FAST HSM has been applied in mass production from 2016.


FAST HSM Strategy

Vehicle Security in not enough to protect the ECU by software level alone. FAST HSM prevents external unauthorized manipulation and hacker attack. It protects the risk of vehicle drivers, valuable key data and privacy information.

Multi- Layer Solution

FAST HSM is based on know-how on telematics, gateways, in-vehicle networks, as well as ECUs which control the vehicle directly.It enables comprehensive automotive security applications.

Independent Security Platform

FAST HSM operates in a secure execution environment which is separated by a firewall and does not rely on an legacy controller.

Reliability Engineering

FAST HSM has tested road-driving test and harsh environment testing and performs with stable performance

Fast Responsiveness

FAST HSM meets the response time suited to the vehicle system which needs to operation time on real time.


FAST HSM can be applied to various platforms in Vehicle System and complies with the EVITA.




제어기 레벨 보호

페스카로 솔루션은 하드웨어 보안 모듈(Hardware Security Module,HSM)을 사용하여 ECU 레벨에서 강력하고 최적화 된 자동차 보안 솔루션을 제공합니다.

네트워크 레벨 보호

페스카로 솔루션은 해킹 공격을 실시간으로 탐지하여 차단하는 강력한 솔루션입니다. HW를 변경하지 않고도 차량 제어기 플랫폼에 적용 할 수 있습니다.

이더넷 보호

페스카로 솔루션은 이더넷 통신을 보호하며 이더넷 애플리케이션을 호환합니다.