FESCARO Quality Policy

Our goal is to provide optimized products and services by the most efficient means possible to assuring total system stability. We comprehensively monitor the design and release of our products on time .


FESCARO Products Life cycle Policy

Products reach the end of their product lie cycle for a number of reasons. These reasons may be due to market demands, technology innovation and replacement of new technology.  Security products must consistently have new features, Countermeasures missions, and improvement activities. We recommend replacing or upgrading to a new product after End-of-Life cycle. FESCARO has presented end of life cycle policy to manage effectively and upgrade to alternative platforms or technologies.

The general policy guidelines are:

  1. FESCARO will provide notice end of life cycle 6 month ago before product’s end-of-sale date.

  2. Access to the FESCARO Technical Support Center is available 24hours for 5years after end-of-sale date

  3. FESCARO Technical Support Center will provide Bug fixes, releases and patches.

  4. Since the end-of-sale, an alternative platform and technology are available to purchase under current terms within 1 year.


FESCARO Warranty Policy

If the FESCARO products are used the mass production project, FESCARO will provide problem resolutions about our products for two years after the start of production. FESCARO will present an appropriate error correction plan and will demonstrate the error correction through a test cases. Customers can receive continuous support through Online during warranty period.


FESCARO Security Vulnerability Policy

FESCARO Products Security Incident Response Team(PSIRT)

If you have a product security issue, contact us immediately. FESCARO PSIRT will respond to security incidents for 24 hours.


Commitment to Product Security and Integrity at FESCARO

FESCARO do not allow unauthorized device or network access. Therefore, unintended behavior is considered a serious vulnerability.  We will investigate the vulnerability immediately. The vulnerability report will be reported to the customer based on the FESCARO Security Vulnerability Policy.

FESCARO Incident Response Process

PSIRT provides a proactive and centralized approach for security concerns arising from the increasingly automotive security market. This approach is designed to reduce the response time for releasing patches for security vulnerabilities and to improve the security posture of FESCARO products and services.

The following figure provides a high-level view of the product security response process.

Awareness: information is received regarding a potential security vulnerability

Triage: the report is validated, prioritized, and resources identified

Analysis: impact assessment is conducted, and remediation plan developed

Coordination: all collaborators are made aware of the timelines

Remediation: fixes are released, and cloud-based services are updated

Notification: affected customers are notified

Feedback: post-remediation activities are performed Security Software Updates


Communication Plan

FESCARO PSIRT has plans to address the vulnerability through an incident response process

FESCARO PSIRT will inform you the exploits of vulnerabilities and observe actively.

The vulnerability for FESCARO products are released to customers and general users at the same time. But access to use software path is only available to customers .

After Incident, FESCARO will release updated software immediately and provide technical security information about software update.