Automotive Security Partner


Who we are

FESCARO develops Automotive Security Solutions based on state-of-the-art technology.

We has the know-how to operate security system that are considered for automotive safety and proves the reliability of the FESCARO products though collaboration with global companies.

Since 2016, FESCARO has been developing to provide solutions through a approach to a automotive security. FESCARO ECU Protection solution has applied in mass production on Engine management System and Transmission management system. We was selected as a promising company which has high growth potential in the ICT sector in Korea. We’ve developed the In-vehicle Network protection solution and secure gateway controller unit.

We’ve established a comprehensive system to ensure great quality and high productivity.


Our Solutions

ECU Protection

FESCARO provides the robust and optimized automotive security solutions in the ECU level using Hardware Security Module.

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In Vehicle Network Protection

FESCARO Solution is powerful solution which detects and prevents hacking attack in real time. It is able to be applied on Vehicle ECU Platform without changing HW.

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Vehicle Ethernet Protection

FAST TLS is the smallest, fastest, and best performing embedded solution.

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